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Driving Your Limo Service Experience, Elevating Your Journey.

Our offerings embrace a thorough and customer-centric approach to renting a car or availing limo service NYC and throughout the United States. We prioritize a seamless, secure, and memorable journey for you. With our comprehensive services, your travel experience is elevated, whether you’re hiring a car or opting for our distinctive limo service NYC. Trust us to ensure your journey is not only convenient but also exceeds your expectations, promising safety and lasting memories. Our commitment to customer satisfaction resonates in every aspect of our services, providing a reliable and enjoyable travel solution across the United States.

Luxury car service NYC


Immerse yourself in lavish chauffeur services customized to fit your budget. Explore our vast network spanning 450 cities globally and experience the flawless and secure airport transfer services offered through our dedicated airport limo service. Choose opulence without exceeding your budget, as our chauffeur services redefine sophistication. Additionally, our airport limo service NYC ensures a seamless and luxurious journey, providing a stylish and secure transportation solution for travelers. Whether you’re navigating bustling cities or heading to the airport, our commitment to excellence ensures you enjoy a refined and worry-free experience tailored to your preferences and budget.



Whether it’s a business trip, vacation, or a special occasion, we’re here to meet your needs. Choose from our diverse fleet, ensuring you find a vehicle that aligns with both your budget and requirements. Our extensive options guarantee a perfect match for any occasion. Additionally, experience the pinnacle of luxury with our airport limo service  NYC, ensuring a seamless and stylish journey. No matter the purpose, our commitment is to provide a tailored solution that combines affordability, diversity, and sophistication, ensuring your travel experience is exceptional and precisely suited to your unique preferences.


Dedicated to corporate transportation, we are a full-service limousine company committed to delivering the highest standards of luxury and service excellence for our industrious clients. Backed by a wealth of expertise, we guarantee an exceptional and tailored experience. Our focus on precision and professionalism ensures seamless and reliable corporate transportation, allowing our clients to travel with confidence and style. From executive meetings to airport transfers, our commitment to excellence sets us apart, offering a comprehensive solution that meets the unique needs of our corporate clientele. Trust us for unparalleled service that reflects the pinnacle of sophistication and reliability in every journey.

Luxury car service NYC


Exciting news from Brookhaven Limo & Car Service: Introducing Empire Limousine Jet Charter, a new division dedicated to Private Aircraft charter services. Reach out to us at or call +1 347-992-6444 for a personalized quote!


At Brookhaven Limo & Car Service, we provide transportation services to various cruise terminals and piers, encompassing the New York (NY) Cruise Terminal in Manhattan NYC, the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne (NJ), Brooklyn (NY), and all other cruise terminals.


We serve all major cities and airports across the globe. With our extensive affiliate network spanning over 450 cities worldwide, you enjoy advantages such as streamlined billing and a singular solution for all your transportation requirements, including out-of-town group meetings and conventions.

Luxury car service NYC


Air travel can be stressful, especially with concerns about timely arrivals and navigating airport security. These worries may even make some reconsider air travel altogether. Simplify your journey with our dependable car service to EWR, offering a seamless and stress-free travel experience. Trust us for timely arrivals and a hassle-free experience, mitigating the typical concerns associated with airport travel. Opting for our specialized car service to EWR twice ensures not only a reliable means of transportation but also peace of mind, making your overall travel experience more convenient and enjoyable. Travel confidently with our dedicated car service, focusing on your comfort and convenience.


Embrace style in every moment. Whether savoring dinner in New York City, attending a concert, exploring cityscapes, or heading to a thrilling sporting event, entrust us to be your designated driver. Our commitment to sophistication extends to every occasion, ensuring a stylish and comfortable journey. Choose our limo service NYC for a touch of luxury, making each experience memorable. Whether navigating the bustling city or its suburbs, our reliable and professional service elevates your travel, allowing you to focus on enjoyment. From nightclubs to sports events, rely on us to provide a designated driver service that blends convenience with elegance.


Entrust us with every detail of your wedding transportation requirements as we collaborate closely with your event planner to alleviate the planning burden. This allows you to fully enjoy the joy of your significant occasion. Enhance the experience with our dedicated wedding car service, guaranteeing flawless and elegant transportation that adds a luxurious touch to your special day. Opt for our specialized limo service for weddings, ensuring not just seamless logistics but also a stylish and sophisticated journey for the couple and their guests. Rely on us to contribute to the overall charm and elegance of your wedding celebration.

Luxury car service NYC


Our limo service provides car seats suitable for infants and children of all ages, offering specialized transportation services for kids. Bid farewell to the cumbersome car seats and simply bring your children along. Our CLEAN and SANITIZED car seat(s) will be pre-installed when we pick you up. From various 5-point harness options to high back boosters and backless boosters, we have a wide range to cater to every need.

Luxury car service NYC


Brookhaven Limo & Car Service stands out as a premier chauffeur service provider, delivering unparalleled excellence to its clientele. In addition to a variety of fleet services, we offer an unparalleled prom day experience that is truly unique. Prom marks a significant milestone in a high school student’s life, and what better way to make it unforgettable than with a lavish ride to the prom night venue?


We provide comprehensive transportation to various cruise terminals and piers, encompassing the New York (NY) Cruise Terminal in Manhattan NYC, the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne (NJ), Brooklyn (NY), and all cruise terminals in Boston (MA). Concerned about managing your luggage? Our NY Limo service boasts a diverse range of luxurious vehicles capable of accommodating groups of all sizes, ensuring your comfort and convenience.

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